The concept of "Advancing" Projects is to apply technology and systems thinking to take our society a long way past where it is at now, and to reap the many societal / individual rewards of doing this well.

Our first major "advancing human outcomes with technology" project is, where we intend to reduce the road toll by at least 20%.

When we have that one well underway, we have grand plans for a project to get much better outcomes for public housing. And another one to significantly improve the systems around foster care, with cross-over between these projects likely. It is on our radar now and, as soon as decent funding is available via success in other projects mentioned on this page, it is going to happen!!!

We are also empathetically telling compelling 'being a human in our society' reality stories to get other altruistically minded people to understand and participate in improving them, via

There are so many things wrong with existing approaches to all of the above topics it is almost unbelievable, yet there it is...A paradigm shift in philosophy for areas which have been "broken" for far too long, and well overdue for a serious reset, will significantly lift the quality of life for 10's of thousands of people. This is totally doable with current technology and a systemic approach. It is not about "how do we fix our broken systems" but more about "what should this look like and how do we get there".

A clear mind and competent application of technology and systems will lift all of these areas of social mayhem through the stratosphere. THIS Company is GOING to make a difference - we are into serious "game changers", nothing less will do.

For info about some of the core engineering project work we do that empowers the rest of what we want to do, please see where our game changing technology will make substantial improvements to mining productivity and lead to more jobs in the industry... The unexpected passing in April 2017 of a fellow Founding Principal of 20+ years was quite a set-back, but new doors opened as others shut and the conversion to the new Innovative Process Upgrade Technologies team of professionals soon happened...

For now, this AP1 website exists mainly to provide email access; in future, it may tell a bigger story....!!!

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